Catering philosophy

The ZFV catering philosophy is based on four cornerstones.

  • We cook on site as far as it is possible. Our employees should get a feel for the produce that they offer their guests. They should peel, fry, steam ,knead, bake and garnish In this way we can guarantee a maximum freshness and quality, we can meet the requirements of our guests and also act flexibly to orders, special events and caterings at short notice.

  • We are conviced that nobody knows the needs of our guests better than the on-site team. Therefore we consciously do without a central choice planning. In all restaurants, the menu plan is drawn up by the person responsible on-site.The regulations set by the company ensures for quality and allows enough leeway for individual solutions.

  • We developed our catering concept «Bewusst geniessen!» on the basis of the recommendations of the Swiss Association of Nutrition. It serves our guests as a compass for a healthy, balanced diet.  Also guests who have intolerances are also taken into account. The well-being of our guests is further encouraged by designing our companies as a place of as a place of tranquility and meeting.

  • With our offer creation, we follow an integral concept which gives important weight to the topics of regionality and seasonality. We encourage short storage times and avoid air freight. For produce which is only available from overseas, we insist on products that are produced and cultivated both ecologically and ethically. Products that are awarded with a label of sustainability are transparently declared.