For delicious luchtime menus, even without a restaurant

In the areas of Zürich, Berne und Lucerne we offer professional menu deliveries for daycare nurseries and schools as well as small and mid-scale companies without a restaurant infrastructure. Simple, nutritious and good value.

  • The choice consists of a meat or fish menu and a vegetarian or vegan alternative. The menus change daily.The appropriate weekly menu plan will be sent to you by email at an early stage. By means of this, you can order in advance the required number of each menu.

  • Because of quality and hygiene reasons, we only work with the cook- and- chill process. In this way the dishes are prepared to 90 % at a nearby location and immediately chilled to 3 to 5° Celsius. The transport follows in the standardized GN-dishes with wheelable refrigerator wagons. Shortly before serving, the dishes are regenerated and respectively finished in batches either in the combi steamer or on the stove.The dirty and empty dishes are collected by us the following day.

  • In order that an optimal preparation chain is ensured, you need to have an  on-site assembly, storage and refrigerating infrastructure. If you do not have the appropriate equipment, then we can give you assistance in its acquisition.


Your contact:
Stefan Hannig

Head of Sales
T +41 44 388 35 35
D +41 44 388 35 33