Managing Board

The management is responsible for the operative managing of  ZFV.

  • 22-02 ZFV_Nadja Lang_078_klein.jpg

    Nadja Lang has been CEO and delegate of the ZFV since June 2021. She was elected to the ZFV Board of Directors in 2017 and served as its President from 2019-2022.

    She graduated in business administration from the ZHAW in 1998, majoring in marketing. She also completed various further courses in leadership, transformation, financial management and board management, including at IMD and INSEAD.

    In 1999, she started in brand management at Coca-Cola AG, where she was responsible for product innovation strategies. She then joined General Mills Europe in London and Nyon as European Marketing Manager, where she was responsible for brand and innovation strategies as well as the successful development and launch of several European products. From 2005-2011, she was Commercial Director and Deputy General Manager at Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland and then General Manager until April 2017, where she was responsible for the growth strategy. During her time at Fairtrade, she was Chair of the Global Account Management Steering Committee and a member of the Finance Committee of Fairtrade International.

    Nadja Lang is currently a member of several boards of directors. These include Swiss Post AG, where she chairs the Organisation, Nomination, Remuneration Committee, and Pax Lebensversicherungen. Nadja Lang is also involved in the international advisory board of the ZHAW School of Management and Law and the advisory board of Kickstart in the focus area Food and Retail Tech.

  • roland_kleeb_zfv.jpg

    Roland Kleeb has been CFO ad interim at ZFV since April 2022.

    The business economist and certified fiduciary expert holds an NDS Executive Master in Corporate Finance. As a long-standing CFO of family-run and listed medium-sized companies, Roland Kleeb brings with him a broad and in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting both in Switzerland and abroad. For more than six years, he has been Managing Partner of FS Partners AG, an independent consulting boutique for classic interim solutions in the financial sector around the CFO's area of responsibility, project work and interim management.

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    Gabriela Dal Santo has been CMO of the ZFV companies since June 2021.

    After studying economics at the University of St. Gallen, she started her career at Lindt and then held various management positions in marketing, sales, business development and innovation. Gabriela Dal Santo then spent almost ten years at Disney, where she was responsible for consumer products in Switzerland and for various international clients and projects, before spending four years in charge of global product and innovation management at Ricola. Most recently, Gabriela Dal Santo was Head of Marketing & Customer Experience and a member of the Executive Board at Sanitas Troesch. Her professional experience includes international responsibility for strategic brand management, marketing and communication as well as customer experience with a strong focus on digital transformation and new technologies to create unique customer experiences.

  • Florian Duebendorfer_neuer COO Gastronomie ZFV.jpg

    Florian Dübendorfer has been a member of the ZFV Executive Board since August 2022 and is in charge of the entire catering sector with the self-managed restaurants and the more than 140 community catering operations.

    He holds a degree in economics from the University of Bern and has many years of proven experience in the catering, food and consumer goods industries. He worked for Coca-Cola Beverages AG for four years and for Unilever Schweiz GmbH for twelve years, the latter as part of the management of Unilever Foodsolutions. As Sales Manager, Florian Dübendorfer was responsible for major customers in the catering industry. Most recently, he worked as Operations Director Public Gastronomy and a.i. Member of the Executive Board at SV Group. In this role, he was also responsible for several major projects in connection with tenders in the public catering sector and successfully drove the expansion of various catering concepts.

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    Thomas Kleber joined the ZFV Managing Board in July 2017 and is responsible for the management of Sorell Hotels Switzerland.

    He is a trained restaurant manager and graduate of the Steigenberg School of Hotel Management in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. As General Manager of restaurants at home and abroad, he has over 34 years of experience. At Cornell University in the USA, he completed further training in various areas in 1993. Most recently, Thomas Kleber was the Area General Manager of the Steigenberg hotel group in Switzerland and Konstanz for two years. Prior to that, he worked as Managing Director and General Manager of prestigious hotels in Switzerland and abroad.

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    Dario Notaro joined the ZFV Executive Board as CBDO on May 2021. He has been leading a strategic innovation initiative for the company since September 2020.

    After studying economics at the University of Zurich and LUISS in Rome, Dario Notaro worked for Gategroup for ten years in various positions. As a member of the M&A team, he accompanied transactions worldwide before taking on business development tasks for an in-house corporate start-up in London. Dario Notaro then took over the management of the Scandinavian Retail segment in Oslo. From 2015 to 2019, he was responsible for operations in Switzerland for the Compass Group and subsequently pursued his own projects. Dario Notaro has completed further training in leadership, innovation and sustainability at IMD in Lausanne and at the University of Cambridge.


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    Angela Tauro was appointed into Managing Board in 1996. She has been the ZFV’s Manager of Human Resources since August 1995. One year before she joined the corporation and was responsible for personnel.

    After her Commercial Basic Education, Angela Tauro quickly found her way into the personnel sector. Before joining ZFV, she was active for HOTELA and the Swiss Proprietor Association. In 2000 she attended the BBZ in Weinfelden to complete as personnel specialist with Swiss Federal Certification. In 2013, she completed her post studies in Leadership and Management at the KV Business School in Zürich.