General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and Definitions
These general terms and conditions (GTC) specify the nature of the legal relationship between the guest/client/organizer, hereinafter referred to as Principal, and the companies of the Genossenschaft ZFV-Unternehmungen (ZFV Group). In addition to these GTC, further conditions and booking conditions according to the order confirmation can be applied. If any deviation should occur between the order confirmation and these GTC, the affected regulations stipulated in the order confirmation take precedence. The house rules of separate venues are an integrated component of these GTC.

2. Services
The ZFV Group is bound to fulfil the scope of service stipulated by the Principal in the confirmation of order. In case of short notice changes in the offer (e.g. missing products, huge price discrepancy) the ZFV Group reserves the right to make minimal alterations to its services by notification to the Principal, and is committed to an equivalent completion of order.

3. Agreement
The confirmation or order must have a legally valid signature of the Principal and the original copy must be returned to the ZFV Group. Upon receipt of the signed order confirmation, the order is deemed to be granted. If the reservation is undertaken by a third party, the latter will irrespectively act as an order partner with effective authorization by the Principal and is jointly and severally liable for all obligations and claims arising from the order.

4. Advertising
Newspaper advertisements and other commercial publicity with reference to events housed within ZFV companies, require prior consent from the ZFV- Group.

5. Changes in the number of participants
Alterations in the number of participants of more than 20 % must be notified in writing at least 7 days before the date of the event. The definite number of participants must be notified at least 2 working days before the event. This number of participants serves as a basis for the charging. The full amount will be charged for participants failing to show.

6. Cancellation of Events and Reservations
In the case of a cancellation of a definite booking, the confirmed services will be charged as follows:
- Up to 3 days before event: no charges
- 2 days before event: 80 % of the offered services

For confirmed services by third parties, the conditions pursuant to the latter’s GTC will apply, Costs incurred may be charged to the Principal.

7. Liability of the Principal
The Principal is liable for any damage (personal and/or property), also in the case of non-direct fault (e.g. theft, accident). This also applies to damages caused by a third party.

8. Liability of the ZFV Group
The liability of the ZFV Group is excluded to the extent permitted by law.  

9. Prices and payment terms
The prices confirmed in writing are applicable. These are in Swiss Francs and the legal value-added tax is inclusive. An exception is the Kleiner Bakery, whose prices exclude VAT. Invoices are payable within 20 days of the invoice date. Personal checks are not accepted. Principals with a foreign domicile are requested to pay 100% of the amount of the order confirmation 7 working days before the event. As long as written arrangements for advance payments are not undertaken by the due date, the ZFV Group reserves the right to withdraw from the contract and to charge the Principal for all expenditures that occur up to that date. In case the Principal is not the event organizer, the former is considered jointly liable to carry entire invoice costs with the event organizer. The ZFV Group reserves the right to give information for the purpose of credit assessment to a third party, as well as in the case of outstanding debts of transferring information to a third party, whereby all processing fees will be added to the amount owed.

10. Withdrawal of the ZFV Group
In cases of force majeure, unforeseen construction work, by order of the government or in the case of non-compliance with the contractually agreed dates of pre-payment, the ZFV Group is authorized to withdraw from the contract without incurring any costs or becoming liable for damages. This also applies if there are reasonable grounds for believing that the event could endanger the smooth running, the security or the reputation of the company.

11. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction
These GTC are subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.