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Christmas greetings in a box

Would you like to surprise your employees, family and acquaintances in a special way at Christmas? Deliver your festive greetings or a thank you at the end of the year with the Christmas box by ZFV. Order now:



  • Gemüse_Bowl_cmyk.jpg

    The bowls from our external food partner Kaisin contain many fresh and healthy ingredients with the right portion of proteins and carbohydrates. The perfect meal when you have a lot of brain work to do - and of course otherwise.

    Stop by and give them a try!

  • MHP04079.jpg

    Try our crispy, light, Italian novelty straight from the oven. 

    What's on the pinsa?
    - Arugula
    - Cherry tomatoes
    - Parmesan cheese
    - olive oil
    - salt/pepper
    - mascarpone

    With raw ham: CHF 18.50
    With mozzarella di bufula: CHF 18.50 

    Pinsa with olive oil, salt and rosemary: CHF 12.00

    We are looking forward to your visit!

  • Vorlage_Betriebsuebersicht_640x800px2.jpg

    Dear guests

    From August 30, 2021, the Easy21 will move to the 1st floor in the Meal21. 

    There we will spoil you from 11.15 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. with the menu lines Traditional & Happy Bowl, Soup of the Day and Salad of the Day, Excerpt Salad Buffet and Hot Market.

    We are looking forward to your visit!

  • brot_02_cmyk_bis_a3.jpg

    Dear guests 

    As of August 30, 2021, you will find a self-service refrigerator in the rest area on the 1st floor EA/FG from the
    Bakery Kleiner, which will now also provide you with snacks, salads, menus to warm up and sweets outside of restaurant hours.

    Payment is made with TWINT on a trust basis and a microwave is available for warming up!

  • quin-engle-TqQXS9bG4mE-unsplash.jpg

    Dear guests

    From August 30, you can enjoy original Italian oven-warm croissants, desserts, foccacia, antipasti and much more at Il Caffè. 

    We are looking forward to your visit!

  • sandwich-platte.jpg

    In our catering e-shop you can easily and quickly order simple coffee breaks, uncomplicated sandwich lunches or small apéritifs online.

    Click here to go to the Catering E-Shop

    If you cannot find a suitable offer, then take a quick look into our catering documentation or contact us directly.


  • 740_smoothie.jpg

    Enjoy fine vegetable and fruit smoothies at Il Caffè as the perfect meal replacement during the hot days.

    Stop by, we look forward to your visit!

  • mehrwegbox-von-recircle.jpg

    ZFV is working with the Swiss company reCIRCLE in the war against disposable tableware. Its food boxes and beverage cups are produced in Switzerland, can be purchased in any restaurant and returned at any participating restaurant throughout Switzerland. They are washed and processed for reuse at the receiving restaurant.

  • Dear guests

    In order to comply with UBS's "Social Distancing" measures and at the same time offer you our best service in the current situation, the following measures have been taken.

    A general obligation to produce a certificate applies for the consumption of food and beverages in UBS staff and client restaurants. The certificate is checked at the entrance to the restaurant or at the till. Guests without a valid certificate can make use of the take-away service.

    Pandemic measures
  • 774_Moodbilder_Salat.jpg

    This is how it works: put together your lunch bag using the order form and hand it in. The very next day you can pick up and enjoy your lunch bag.