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Introduction of the Menu Sustainability Index

From 17 August 2020 onwards, the Menu Sustainability Index (MSI) will be introduced in most of the ZFV Group's catering services and marked with two new symbols in the menu plan. This will enable guests to choose an environmentally friendly and/or balanced menu very easily.

The MSI is a scientifically based tool that rates meals based on nutritional balance and environmental friendliness. The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) developed it together with ZFV as the implementation partner.

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  • Dear guests

    Your welfare is our concern. For this reason, the following rules apply in UBS catering establishments:

    1. Hand hygiene

    • The guests have the possibility to disinfect their hands when entering the restaurant.

    1.1 Meal offers

    • The offerings will be adapted to the frequencies in each location.
    • Self-service buffets are possible again. Guests have the possibility to disinfect their hands at the buffet or use disposable gloves.
    • A guidance system is available to ensure compliance with social distancing.
    • Bread is delivered at the Counter menu.
    • Water stations are open.
    • Cutlery is offered in cutlery boxes.
    • Spice stations are not available.

    2. Keep groups of guests apart

    • The distance to the next person is 2 m. The number of seats is reduced.
    • The contact tracing takes place on a voluntary basis. The guests have the possibility to leave their contact details. These are destroyed two weeks after the visit.
    • Only seats are offered. High tables are not available.

    3. Keep distance

    • The Social Distancing of 2 meters remains. The distance between the groups of guests (max. 6 persons per table) is 2 meters.
    • The distance from table to table is 2 m.
    • There are no minimum distances for guests and staff in the movement zones.

    3.1 Working with unavoidable distance under 2 m

    • Employees wear hygiene masks if the distance cannot be guaranteed over a longer period of time (>15 min distance < 2 m).
    • Wherever possible and available, plexiglass protective walls serve as additional security for guests and staff.

    3.2 Events

    • The general hygiene measures also apply to events.
    • Events for up to 300 people can be held.
    • Groups of guests are not allowed to mix.
    • A distance of 2 m applies for seminar seating.
    • Contact tracing must be ensured by the organizer.
    • Rations: Consumption must take place sitting down.

    4. Cleaning

    • Cleaning is carried out according to the normal cleaning interval.
    • Surfaces in the guest area are disinfected at least once a day.