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Annual Flat Rate

Reserve the annual flat rate for the Swiss International School Mensa easily and comfortably online. Lunch includes a daily or veggie menu as well as a dessert. The registration is valid for the running school year. The offsetting with follow in two installements per semester. In the case of school admission during the semester, the difference will be deducted from the rates below. The booking can be cancelled during the semester, provided the week’s notice is adhered to. The corresponding differing amount will be refunded to you.

Prices per year pre-school 1 to 2 and primary level intro
3 meals per week CHF 1’080.00 (2x CHF 540.00)
4 meals per week CHF 1’380.00 (2x CHF 690.00)
5 meals per week CHF 1’700.00 (2x CHF 850.00)

For primary level intro please select pre-school 2.

Prices per year primary level 1 to 6

3 meals per week CHF 1’400.00 (2x CHF 700.00)
4 meals per week CHF 1’800.00 (2x CHF 900.00)
5 meals per week CHF 2’200.00 (2x CHF 1’100.00)

Prices per year state gymnasium
3 meals per week CHF 1’300.00 (2x CHF 650.00)
4 meals per week CHF 1’700.00 (2x CHF 850.00)
5 meals per week CHF 2’100.00 (2x CHF 1’050.00)


For questions please contact
Segment Bildung
Flüelastrasse 51
CH-8047 Zürich
T +41 44 388 35 35

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