UBS Restaurant Key West

About us

Welcome to the UBS Restaurant Key West. Every day we do our utmost best so that you do not only work at Max Högger-Strasse 82, but also that you can enjoy and relax.

Our philosophy in the kitchen
We cook fresh food on-site as much as it is possible, we work with suppliers from the region and while purchasing, we give preference to ecologically- produced and fair-traded produce.

We are hosts by passion.
It is our aim to fill you with enthusiasm with our dedicated, personal service and to surprise you again and again with something new. Your well-being is our motivation.


Akalin Yemnan

Restaurant Manager

«There is no such thing as impossible. That is our motto. Me and my team look forward to welcoming you in the restaurant Key West. We love to spoil you with delicacies, either in the kiosk, the self-service staff restaurant or in the served coffee bar.»