Social matters

Assuming responsibility towards employees and society is a core aspect of ZFV’s philosophy. ZFV’s social commitment is entirely in the spirit of its founders, and the company regularly supports charitable projects.

  • The employees who come to work every day and represent ZFV to the public are the heart of the company. ZFV offers them interesting job profiles with creative freedom, fair terms of employment with attractive

    fringe benefits, and a wide range of opportunities for training and continuing personal development (CPD). In addition to talent management, actively developing young employees – thereby ensuring the availability of trained staff – is one of the most important success factors for the company's future.

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  • ZFV aspires to be a progressive, model employer. Confirmation that the company is on the right track includes external awards received from «Kununu» and «Best Recruiters».

  • Since 2008, ZFV has supported institutions whose commitment is related to our corporate roots, as well as to our current activities. These include projects in the addiction revention, health promotion, integration, education and cultural sectors.

  • Integrating people with impaired mental or physical capacity into the workplace is a matter close to ZFV’s heart. Entirely in the spirit of the company’s social roots and values, we – together with a number of partner institutions – offer them jobs in which they can use their capabilities.


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