Quality management

«Perfect quality, everywhere and at all times» is our creed. That's because we will only be successful in the long term if we continuously maintain and further develop the quality of our restaurants.

  • Our integrated quality management system pursues the following goals:

    • To guide and further develop the company at all levels and across all functions.
    • To provide employees with a practical tool that allows them to find relevant information quickly and easily.
    • To secure employees’ existing knowhow and provide new recruits with an easy introduction to their field of work.
    • To make procedures efficient and effective through clearly defined processes.
    • Our integrated management system is a «live» system which is continuously improved: amplified, amended and optimised.

    Our integrated quality management system is organised on the following levels:

    • At the top level, the Managing Board of ZFV ensures that we not only talk about quality in our restaurants, but also offer it. It sets the goals, reviews annual implementation and develops the strategy further. 
    • The central service departments take operational responsibility for building, maintaining and further developing the system. They give training in the content and provide advice on all levels.
    • The local restaurant managers assume a quality management role. They are responsible for introducing, implementing and reviewing all qualityrelated requirements in their restaurants.
    • We also make demands on our partners when it comes to ensuring quality for our guests. Every supplier passes through a referencing process and undertakes to comply fully with our quality standards.
  • The quality management manual defines the conditions for quality assurance at ZFV. The current legislation is translated in a clear and practical way into guidelines, checklists and forms. The manual covers the following areas:

    • Hygiene and food safety
    • Occupational health and safety and emergency planning
    • Environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001
    • Crisis management

    Training relating to the contents of the quality management manual forms part of our training and CPD programme and is included in annual internal staff training courses.

    Regular internal and external audits check that the manual is being implemented. Where necessary, improvements are developed and implemented at both individual restaurant and company level following these audits.

  • The ZFV Group’s integrated management system is certified in accordance with environmental management standard ISO 14001. All the points in ISO 14001 are applied and address the company’s entire value chain. This includes services in the hotel, catering service, restaurant and event catering sectors (only the Kleiner bakery and confectionery business is excepted) as well as management and support processes. The locations of all the Group’s restaurants can be found on the company website.

    ZFV certificate: environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 (available in German)