Health and nutrition

With several million meals sold every year, the ZFV Group has a special responsibility. Promoting informed consumption and healthy eating is a primary concern for ZFV. Its maxim here is: don't impose, inspire. ZFV offers balanced, varied catering concepts – these include vegetarian or vegan options each day.

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    By listing allergens and nutritional values, the user-friendly guidance system provides complete transparency. It also enables people to select a menu tailored to their personal needs – for even greater pleasure in eating well!

    In the event of queries about allergens, or where more detailed information is required, our guests can consult one of our specialists on site.

    The guidance system at a glance.

  • To communicate transparently with guests about the ingredients in our menus and how they influence the environment and their personal health, the «necta» goods management system has been expanded further in our catering service restaurants. In addition to listing allergens and nutritional values, meals are rated on the basis of nutritional balance and environment friendliness using the Menu Sustainability Index (MSI).

    more information about the MSI