Via its corporate catering services, in public restaurants and through the domains of bakery-confectionery, event catering and the hotel industry, ZFV cooks for guests who eat out daily or several times a week. This represents a special responsibility.

In order to meet our guests' needs in terms of health, transparency and sustainability, we launched the «For the pleasure of eating well» initiative. To this end, ZFV has drawn on its many years of experience in out-of-home food services and developed a comprehensive concept. This covers the entire value creation chain – from procurement to the composition and production of our menus, and including waste disposal.

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    Systematic menu options and listing of allergens

    By listing allergens and nutritional values, our user-friendly «necta» guidance system provides complete transparency. For even greater pleasure when eating well! 14 allergens are listed on the main menu lines. The allergens are either named in full or indicated via letter code. In cases of uncertainty over allergens, or where more detailed information is required, our guests can consult one of our specialists on site.

    The «necta» guidance system at a glance (PDF)

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