For enjoyment with a vision – this is the ZFV’s devise when we dedicate ourselves to a caring treatment of the resources of our natural environment. Every day and in each of our companies we strive to bring reality to the notion of ecological sustainability in connection with social and economical aspects. In this way, future generations will also be able to benefit from in terms of enjoyment.

  • The ZFV Environmental Code is comprised of nine principles about the topic of ecology and hence anchors our dedication to the environment within our enterprise/group philosophy. We undertake to comply with the binding commitments incl. the applicable laws.

    1. With our environment-conscious company management we contribute actively to the protection and preservation of our environment. We critically evaluate all the elements of excessive use of natural resources and the stress on the environment in ecological, social and economic areas of tension. We encourage responsible trade to which the collaboration with clients, business partners, suppliers, employees and authories also belong.
    2. Our procurement of goods concept forms the basis for a responsible-minded purchasing which incorporates ecological connections. We take into consideration environment–conscious, local suppliers and prefer products for public sale as well as the delivery in reusable packaging.
    3. We care for a natural and seasonal range and encourage the purchasing of high quality, regional and fair-trade products.
    4. With our environment-conscious treatment of energy and materials we contribute to a reduced usage of irreplaceable raw materials as well as reducing the impact on the environment. By taking measures in water saving and adopting environmentally friendly cleaning and washing, we help lower the exposure to chemicals.
    5. Waste is avoided whenever possible. Recyclable material is collected separately from the waste and recycled. We follow the correct procedures for disposing of general waste, hazardous waste and other waste subject to controls.
    6. We use environmentally friendly packaging and consumables.
    7. We take environmental construction and planning regulations into consideration when constructing and renovating exisiting buildings.
    8. We instruct and train our employees and inform all the interested parties of our efforts to protect our environment.
    9. We measure our environmental performance as far as possible within the framework of our management system and we are constantly working to improve it.
  • Validity and scope of application

    The integrated management system of the ZFV companies is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. All the standard points of the ISO 14001 are used and relate to the company’s entire value chain. This includes services in the areas of hospitality, large-scale catering, restaurants and event catering (the only service that is excluded is the Bäckerei-Konditorei Kleiner), as well as the management and support processes. All the locations of of companies are shown on the company's website.

    The integrated management system has the following objectives:

    − Manage and further develop the company at all levels and across all functions.

    − Provide the employees with a practical tool to find relevant information quickly and easily.

    − Secure the existing know-how of employees and make it possible for new employees to ease into their respective area of activity.

    − Make workflows efficient and effective through clearly defined processes.

    The integrated management system is realised in the sense of continuous improvement, as it is supplemented, modified and optimised. The currently valid version of the quality manual is stored in the ZFV intranet.


    ZFV collaborates with the following certification:

  • csm_Bruno-Rosmarie-Segmueller_034im-stall_afa5d0a802.png

    As from mid July 2016, the label "ZFV" will denote chickens reared in the barns of the Segmüller Family from Gähwil. The chickens are raised in small flocks, which means they have more space to move around in. The family places great importance on animal-friendly rearing based on feeds farmed locally. The ZFV is committed to animal welfare and therefore supports the humane treatment of animals on small farms.

    – In an initial phase, five ZFV enterprises will source all the chickens from one barn on a regular basis
    – The ZFV plans to expand the cooperation
    – The chefs using the ZFV, will use the entire animal whenever possible

    Animal-friendly Husbandry
    – Small flocks
    – Personal involvement with the animal
    – No soya in the diet

    100% Traceability
    – Known place of origin
    – No middlemen
    – Possible to visit the barns at any time

  • According to the latest studies, about a third of food produce is destroyed instead of consumed worldwide. As a founding member of the association United Against Waste we have decided with other members of the companies of the Food Service-Markets to undertake something to combat this enormous waste of food. Together we have set the target to half the amount of food waste along our supply chain – from producers, across trade, to restaurateurs by the year 2020.