Corporate Culture

Since the foundation of ZFV we have distinguished ourselves by pioneering spirit. We are in motion not only for the success of the enterprise but also for our guests. This is expressed in our corporate culture with its eight values .

  • Enthusiasm
    We work creatively, passionately and with joy.
  • Dedication
    We apply ourselves determinedly and proactively for our shared success.
  • We
    We are a team and we treat ourselves, our guests and partners with respect, openness and fairness.
  • Sincerity
    We are trustworthy, integer and loyal both internally and externally.
  • Conscientiousness
    We are a reliable, and binding partner and we assume responsibility.
  • Entrepreneurship
    We think and deal independently, long term, economically and completely in the interest of our company.
  • Sustainability
    We keep a harmonious balance between environmental, economic and social performance.
  • Guest Orientation
    We take care of our guests’ well-being in a solution-oriented, professional and helpful manner and aim to be convincing with a first-class service.