Progress Report of Jan Marti

In which area did you do your internship at ZFV?
Mainly in the à la carte area of the Schöngrün restaurant. But I could also get some experience in the catering and banquet areas.

Why did you choose to do an internship at ZFV?
The Schöngrün restaurant is part of ZFV and ranks among Berne’s top gastronomy. It connects tradition with modern as well as regional and international delicacies – that truly fascinates me.

What expectations did you have at the start of your internship?
It was and still is my goal to put all my knowledge that I have gained at the hotel management school in Thun into practice. ZFV offered me exactly that here at the Schöngrün restaurant.

What surprised you in a positive way?
After a short training period, I was allocated to my own service station. I was able to take on responsibilty at an early stage in a company with 17 Gault Millau Points and a Michelin Star.That doesn’t go without saying!

What were your duties during your internship?
I learnt the management of one’s own service station as well as bar basics. In addition, I was allowed to do the inventory and I gained insight into the organization and supervision of events. I specially enjoyed that I had insight into the catering management. I was able to get to know that ordering processes and the operational cash handling.

What were your greatest challenges during your internship?
A definite challenge was to experience top gastronomy. I had never worked at such a high level before. Other challenging moments were learning how to keep cool in turbulent times and to delight the guests.

What strengths have you developed within the framework of your internship?
Even if its sounds cliched and stereotyped, I really do think that I have become more able to work under pressure and that I can remain calm in hectic situations.

What was your biggest moment of success as a trainee at ZFV?
My biggest moment of success is having a satisfied guest.

Who would you recommend an internship at ZFV to?
Anybody who can work under pressure, who is interested and flexible.

Jan Marti

Training: Business Merchant HGT, currently Degree of eidg. dipl. Hotelière/Restauratrice at Hotel Management School Thun
Place of Internship: Restaurant Schöngrün, Bern