Progress Report of Sybille Bless

In which area did you do your internship at ZFV?
I did my internship in the kitchen area.

Why did you choose to do an intership at ZFV?
The catereing philosophy convinced me to do an internship at ZFV: the freshness of the produce, seasonal dishes, local purchasing and the consideration of fair-trade products. I stand 100% for it.

What expectations did you have at the start of your internship?
I really wanted to find out more about different jobs within the kitchen. Not only the production and finishing but also about purchasing and hygiene. At school we covered the theoretical parts, but knowing how to put it all into practice was appealing to me.

What surprised you in a positive way?
I was mostly surprised by the daily vegetable ordering. The every-day deliveries of fresh vegetables totally fascinate me. The guests are offered optimal quality and freshness.

What were your duties during your internship?
During my internship I was mostly active in the food store and as patissier. During the rest of the time I got to know the warm kitchen as well as doing the ordering and calculations.

What were the greatest challenges during your internship ?
The biggest challenge for me was the mental stress when numerous orders came in at the same time. I had to and still have to learn to do one thing after the other. A guest must never know from the dish on his plate whether the chef was under stress or not. Everything that a guest receives must be perfect – in taste and appearance.

What strengths have you developed within the framework of your internship?
A strength that I have developed is definitely that of combating stress. It is a big challenge to produce something perfect, indifferent of the number of incoming orders. At the beginning I was really nervous in such situations, but now I am getting better at it.

What was your biggest moment of success as a trainee at ZFV?
One evening we had a general assembly of our music society here in the house. In addition to their extra menu, there were many who ate à la carte. Afterwards I was really proud of the work I had achieved.

Who would you recommend an internship at ZFV to?
To every hotel management student who enjoys working in a company that belongs to a gastronomy group.

Sybille Bless

Training: Degree of eidg. dipl. Hotelière/Restauratrice at Hotel Management School Thun
Place of Internship: Sorell Hotel Tamina, Bad Ragaz