From a tourist guide to a host

When I came to Switzerland at the age of 18 in order to complete my education as a tourist guide, I needed a job urgently. I found one in the gastronomy branch. By coincidence I landed at ZFV a short time later. That was more than ten years ago. I started as an operating manager with a function as a chef in a small company. Half a year later I realized that I was not going to develop my ideas if I continued to work in that position. At the beginning of June 2003, ZFV offered a new challenge of person responsible for banquets and chef de service at the UBS restaurant ABZ. The company was under the direction of Rosi Huber. It was the beginning of a longstanding, intensive and successful collaboration and friendship. I learnt an incredible amount from Rosi Huber. She often threw me in at the deep end and often challenged me as well as encouraging me.

When ABZ closed down in 2011, I was lucky enough to be able to change to the UBS restaurant Silberner Fuchs, together with Rosi Huber. If you want to achieve something, then you have to do your best and push yourself forward. In 2013, I participated in the ZFV Talent Management Program. After completion, I was able to succeed Rosi Huber and take over the management of both UBS restaurants Silberner Fuchs and Il Giardino.

My working days begin between 06.30 and 10.00 a.m. It varies from day to day. Either I help with the breakfast service or I deal with other administrative tasks. Afterwards I check the decorations and make sure everything is prepared for the lunchtime service. Over lunchtime I help in service and look after our guests. This is very important to me, because I can feel if the guests are happy with our services. If necessary, I prepare for an event for the evening. The end of my working day differs between 16.00 and 00.00 a.m. The new things in my job bring along great enthusiasm every day. There are so many surprises and every day is different. I love looking after guests, organizing a perfect service and to lead my staff. I always wanted to do such a job and I have found this satisfaction in the catering industry.

One of the nicest moments at ZFV was the staff party in 2013. Instead of awarding a single person as ‘Employee of the Year’, our CEO Andreas Hunziker announced all employees as ‘Employee of the Year’. It was a wonderful gesture and made it clear that happy and satisfied employees are the key to the success of ZFV. This moment made me feel very proud. I try to live this philosophy every day. My staff are appreciated and taken seriously. I feel at home at ZFV. Together we strive to reach a goal and we treat each other with respect, fairness and openness.

Suzana Zelincevic

«I feel at home at ZFV. Together we strive to reach a goal and we treat each other with respect, fairness and openness.»