Employee Stories

Whoever works for ZFV can look forward to exciting activities with freedom of creation. Four ZFV workers tell us what it entails and they take us on a journey of discovery through their working day.

  • Nzesila Domateso

    Back Office employee in the KS Rämibühl mensa

    Nzesila Domateso came to Switzerland 27 years ago from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 20 years ago he applied for a job in the back office of the KS Rämibül mensa. He has stayed there until today. ZFV has become his second family.
  • Nenad Filimonovic

    Restaurant Manager Swiss Life Restaurant Binz49

    People are always the main focus at ZFV – and this is also true for the staff. Without them, the company would not have been successful in serving its guests for 125 years. The Group has around 2,800 employees who see themselves as being passionate about hospitality. One of them is Nenad Filimonovic, Restaurant Manager and passionate host at the Swiss Life Restaurant Binz49 in Zurich.
  • Samantha Günter

    Operations assistant at Sorell Hotel Rüden

    The 18 Sorell Hotels form part of the diverse world of the ZFV Group. The employees at these individual city and holiday hotels work hard to make guests feel at home. This also goes for the Sorell Hotel Rüden in Schaffhausen, an historic guildhall whose roots date back to the 18th century. This is where Samantha Günter works with passion as an operations assistant.