Employee Stories

Whoever works for ZFV can look forward to exciting activities with freedom of creation. Four ZFV workers tell us what it entails and they take us on a journey of discovery through their working day.

  • Suzana Zelincevic

    Operations Manager UBS Restaurant Silberner Fuchs

    After her training as a tourist guide, Suzana Zelincevic found herself in the catering branch quite by chance and shortly afterwards came to ZFV. Today she is a dedicated host and manager of two UBS restaurants.
  • Curd Jürgens

    Productions Night Manager at Kleiner Baker-Confectioner

    Curd Jürgens is a baker by passion. And that has been 33 years now. Together with his team he ensures night after night that the bakery branches, restaurants, ZFV hotels are all supplied with fresh bread.
  • Nzesila Domateso

    Back Office employee in the KS Rämibühl mensa

    Nzesila Domateso came to Switzerland 27 years ago from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 20 years ago he applied for a job in the back office of the KS Rämibül mensa. He has stayed there until today. ZFV has become his second family.