Catering Manager/ Manageress EFZ, Catering Employee EBA

What awaits you
You ensure that the restaurant guest feels welcome and comfortable. You have a thorough knowledge of all food and beverages, you know the secrets of the wine world as well as knowing how to mix various cocktails.You have great pleasure in the role of a host. With much empathy, you are able to fulfill the customer’s wish in a courteous and reliable manner. Your dedication gives the guest an unforgettable experience.

What you bring along
The contact with guests gives you great joy. You enjoy selling and advising. In this job you will be working mostly on the front line. Therefore your well-groomed and clean appearance as well as good manners are very important in this job. In order to appear credible, you must have an interest in food and have an appropriate knowledge of dishes and beverages. You should also be team-oriented, able to work under pressure and flexible.

Eidgenössisches Fähigkeitszeugnis (Swiss Certificate of Competence) or Berufsattest (Federal Vocational Certificate)?
The training as a Catering Manager/Manageress EFZ is aimed at young people who are practically talented as well as having good academic results. The two-year training with a federal vocational certificate is ideal for young people who want to focus on the practical training first.

Training places Zürich
Starting time August
Duration of training 3 years (EFZ) / 2 years (EBA)
Qualification Catering Manager/ Manageress EFZ, Catering Employee EBA
Note If you would like to obtain the Swiss Certificate of Competence after your training as a Catering Employee EBA, then you can join the second year of the three-year professional basic education.
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