Progress Report of Nina Müller

Why did you choose to do your apprenticeship as a Catering Manager at ZFV?
I heard about Hotel Zürichberg through my parents. I did a trial apprenticeship there and I really like it. I didn’t know about ZFV before that.

What expectations did you have at the start of your apprenticeship?
In order that I would feel comfortable in the service area, I wanted to learn working with guests. For example how to satisfy their wishes as best as you can, or what to do so that guests feel at ease. Naturally I would like to end my apprenticeship with a good grade.

What surprised you in a positive way?
At the beginning it was difficult to make friends with other members of staff. But it soon got better after a short amount of time and now they are like a second family.They support me and always help me to improve.

What are or were the greatest challenges during your apprenticeship at ZFV?
A huge challenge for me is a banquet with demanding guests. The atmosphere at the beginning is always a little tense and it take a bit of time to loosen up. It makes it even more worthwhile when the guests say thank you at the end for the good service.

What was your biggest moment of success during your apprenticeship at ZFV?
There are a number. For example that I can participate in this progress report. Or when I get more and more praise from the guests. Mostly I am pleased about being regarded as a very good apprentice.

What would you like to do in the future, respectively after finishing your apprenticeship?
I would like to stay in Zürichberg till about December. And then I would like to travel to Australia to do a language stay.

Nina Müller

Training: Catering Manageress EFZ
Company for traineeship: Sorell Hotel Zürichberg