Progress Report of Dominique Bachmann

Why did you choose to do your apprenticeship as Hotel Manageress at ZFV?
It was by coincidence! Before my apprenticeship time, I didn’t know anything about ZFV. I didn’t even know at that time that my current place of training belongs to ZFV.

What expectations did you have at the start of your apprenticeship?
I hoped that I would have friendly senior apprentice and that I would quickly settle down in the company. I looked forward to a diversified time during which I would learn a lot.

What surprised you in a positive way?
The helpfulness of all the staff in the place of training. Everybody helps each other and we can laugh a lot together. Of course I hoped it would be like that. My expectations were actually surpassed!

What are or were your greatest challenges during your apprenticeship at ZFV?
That I had to keep a clear head even in stressful situations.

What was your biggest moment of success during your apprenticeship at ZFV?
There are a few, for example when guests are happy with our services. Or when a superior gives me a new task and places so much trust in me.

What would you like to do in the future, respectively after finishing your apprenticeship?
I am not quite sure. I would like to work once in a ski resort for a winter season. Later I would like to do some further training in the field of home economics. But who knows what will turn up. I don’t want to decide yet, as all doors are open.

Domenique Bachmann

Training: Hotel Manageress EFZ
Company for traineeship: Sorell Hotel Seidenhof