Start a career within a ZFV company
By joining us, you have the possibility of learning your dream job and of laying the foundations for your career. Every year we are on the lookout for bright and motivated learners for our teams.

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    Business Merchant EFZ

    As a business merchant you take on administrative and organisational tasks in different fields of a company-ranging from book keeping to human resources.
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    Business Merchant Hotel-Gastro-TourismHGT

    As a Hotel-Gastro-Tourismus HGT Business Merchant you will learn the different business activities with the focus placed on hotel industry, gastronomy and tourism.
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    Chef EFZ
    Kitchen employee EBA

    As a chef or kitchen employee, the weight of your training is on every aspect of the preparation of fine food and a smooth organisation of a restaurant kitchen.
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    Hotel Manager/Manageress EFZ
    Hotel Business employee EBA

    For a hotel manager/manageress or a hotel business employee, the hotel rooms are your realm. You are responsible for the well being and comfort of every guest within your four walls.
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    Catering Manager/ Manageress EFZ
    Catering employee EBA

    As a Catering Manager/Manageress or a Catering employee you will learn all the important facts about food and beverages and everything there is to know about being a sincere host.
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    System Catering Manager/ Manageress EFZ

    As a System Catering Manager/Manageress you will be active in a staff restaurant or a mensa and you will be able to assume responsibility at a young age.
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    Hotel Communications Executive EFZ

    The hotel is your domain. You know the procedures in various areas of the hotel and will work front of house as well as behind the scenes.