Management Principles

Leadership means setting an example.

Our managers and senior executive cultivate the ZFV culture and carry responsibility towards their employees and the enterprise. They are aware of their management tasks. By means of their personal, social and professional commitment they are able to convince and inspire.

  • Loyalty
    We represent ZFV both internally and externally and we help to carry the decisions made in solidarity. We are a role model.
  • Result Orientation
    We manage business and personal goals basing them on performance and result orientation.
  • Commitment
    We apply ourselves with commitment, motivation and enthusiasm for the operational requirements.
  • Communication
    We inform comprehensively and openly and treat each other with respect.
  • Team Orientation
    We encourage collaboration in a team and we apply the employees according to their strengths.
  • Further Development
    We are open to changes, we allocated our employees appropriately to their level, we are future-oriented and we offer our staff further development opportunities.