Management Principles

Our managers and senior executive cultivate the ZFV culture and carry responsibility towards their employees and the enterprise. They are aware of their management tasks. By means of their personal, social and professional commitment they are able to convince and inspire.

  • Leadership
    We strive to lead by example.
  • Trust
    We build trust through transparency and honesty.
  • Entrepreneurship
    We embrace an entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Passion
    We aim to motivate and inspire.
  • Focus on results
    We value performance, results and our customers.
  • Communication
    Our communication is open, articulate and timely.
  • Prioritisation
    We focus on the essentials and set priorities.
  • Continued development
    We actively and strategically support our employees' development and remember our beginnings.
  • Excellence
    We encourage a culture of excellence.