Information about the coronavirus – Measures taken by ZFV

The coronavirus and its effects are shaping current events. At ZFV, the health and safety of our employees, guests and customers is the top priority. Measures comply with the guidelines of the authorities and have been implemented throughout the company.

Due to the coronavirus, we have formed an internal ZFV core team that will meet every day until further notice. We are monitoring the situation on the basis of the assessments of the authorities very closely. We are receiving further specialist information from hotel and catering trade associations.

The ZFV guidelines in the event of a pandemic, federal government regulations and current FOPH recommendations serve as the basis for the current inspection and planning of measures at corporate level. The primary objective is to protect the health of employees and guests, keep the risk of contagion as low as possible and thus contain the spread of the coronavirus as successfully as possible.

In general, and irrespective of the coronavirus, the highest level of hygiene standards apply in the hotel and catering industry as well as the bakery and confectionery industry, which all ZFV restaurants observe.

Further information on rules governing behaviour and hygiene as well as the current situation can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH):

  • All companies of the ZFV Group have a company-specific protection concept that they implement. The «Protective Concept for the Catering Industry», the «Protective Concept of the Hotel Industry», as well as the location-specific measures of the client, serve as the basis. Other cantonal regulations will also be implemented.

    Group-wide measures that apply to all companies:

    • The hygiene rules of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) apply. In particular, all persons in the company will regularly clean and disinfect their hands.
    • Surfaces and objects are cleaned regularly, especially if they are touched by several people.
    • A hand disinfectant will be available to guests at the entrance (with the exception of schools).
    • It is mandatory to wear a mask in all areas indoors. The mask may be removed while seated.
    • It is mandatory for all ZFV employees to wear masks throughout the establishment.
    • The distances between persons and groups of persons as well as the collection of contact data are observed according to the legal requirements.
    • The consumption of food and beverages is only permitted in a seated position indoors in establishments and enterprises. Outdoors, there is no obligation to sit when consuming.
    • The employees will be informed regularly of the guidelines and measures.
    • The company will take all necessary measures to protect especially endangered persons.
    • In case of symptoms of illness, employees will be sent home and instructed to comply with isolation in accordance with the FOPH.
  • ZFV is using a multistage protection concept, in accordance with guests’ need for safety, so that events can still take place. This is based on statutory regulations, measures by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the current «Protective Concept for the Catering Industry under COVID-19».The ZFV catering team also checks specific cantonal regulations with customers in advance of an event.



    GastroSuisse has developed a Covid-19 protection concept for the gastronomy sector in order to make a visit to the restaurant comfortable for guests. With the label "Clean & Safe" we confirm that we comply with the protection concept and that we are committed to your health.

    You can find more about the protection concepts of Sorell Hotels here.